Have you seen the new Liv World dolls? Barbie watch out..

Liv World Family - The new 2009 Liv World dolls: Alexis, Sophie, Daniella and Katie, Liv World dolls by Spin Master Ltd.
United States
August 22, 2009 11:58am CST
The website says you can buy them for 19.95 each (+s/h) and it includes shoes and outfit, 2 wigs for styling, and each come with year long virtual membership to Liv World. There's Alexis, Katie, Sophie and Daniela I just saw the commercial for them the other day on Disney but I'm guessing they have already been released in stores in California, do you know anyone with them? I think my daughter might be a little young at 5 but if I get on it'll be Katie since she's the sportier one. Whats your thoughts about them? Do you think they will outsell Bratz dolls this year?...I hope. [b]For real close pictures go to[/b: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40997363@N05/3775237033/ Their website is at: http://www.livworld.com/
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