Do you like the referral, how many referral do you have in myLot?

August 22, 2009 9:31pm CST
In my opinion referral is good way to promotion the website. It's can well applying & control in the internet. To get the good result we need create the team work in internet. The network will bring additional value for every people. I also don't any referral on myLot right now, even that I should change my mind to integrate with internet community.
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@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 09
So far i only have one referral. However, it's better than nothing. I can earn more money on mylot from my referral's earning. As we know, we got 25% of our referral's earning. It's good. I hope i can have more referral in mylot. Here we need referral who also willing to work hard in mylot to posting and responding as many as they want and as many as they can in order to earn more money from our referral. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@wahyueQ (225)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 09
Yes, I so so so much like if I have so much referral here on myLot, it will help us to reach the pay Out easily. I just imagine like this, if myLot gives us 25 % from our referral earning, we will be rich if we have more refferal. If we have 100 referral and our referral make 10 cents every day, so we sill get 2,5 cents from one of our referral, and we will get $ 2,5 a day just from our referral, and we will reach the Pay Out within (not within but every) 4 days on myLot. The money will flow to our paypal. I love it.!!!