How pretty is Utah? (For people in Utah/from Utah or who visited the Utah)

August 23, 2009 12:46pm CST
I'll be having my internship perhaps this October in Moab, Utah. I did a research about the place I'll be going and heard good things about it. Somewhat I want to hear more different things about Utah, like maybe the demographic, the people and such.. Well, anything you could say about the place is just fine. I'd appreciate if you'll share.. I'm actually a bit excited of going, so let me know your thoughts..
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24 Jan 11
Moab is very picturesque. It is great place to spend time if you are the outdoors type. There are many activities that thrive in the canyon country. Some of the most common recreational activities around the Moab area are Rafting, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, 4wheeling, ATVing, Photography, and more. Utah in general is a very beautiful state. The scenery changes enough to keep it interesting. Coming from Colorado you enter a mostly flat desert, then when you get to Moab it turns to a bright red sandstone that the wind and water have cut spectacular formations into. Then you move on the the mountains which are lush and green. then it eventually turns back to desert as you near Nevada. Most of I70 in Utah runs through tourist areas that are reasonable expensive. I live in eastern Colorado, but take at least 2 trips to Moab a year, just for the change of scenery and climate. I recommend it for anyone!
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23 Aug 09
Moab - Moab Dead Horse Point State Park
Utah is pretty. I have lived there all my life. Moab is really pretty. It has the red sand, which is really pretty, but gets everywhere when it rains and will stain your carpet. There's a bunch of rock formations around there too, which are totally cool. There's 2 national parks in Moab: Arches and Canyonlands. Their names tell you just what they have. The Arches has arch formations and the Canyonlands has canyons. You can go rafting, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing. It kind of sucks that you're going in October. Hopefully there is no snow so you can do those things. If there is snow you can go snowboarding or skiing though. I don't know how to do either, despite living in the great snow state my whole life, lol, but everyone says it's real fun. Other than the naturey stuff, there's not really much to do, so it can get boring. Moab is a small town, but it is a nice one.