Earnings not updating?

August 23, 2009 1:53pm CST
Mylot says I haven't posted anything since August 15 (which I know I have posted since). Also I've been posting today and my discussion count has not changed from 79 (even though I've posted a few discussions and commented on a few discussions today). Any ideas?
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@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
23 Aug 09
Earnings update once every 24 hours. In roughly 20-22 hours you will see them update again. When they update it is your earnings for the previous day's activity from midnight to midnight in myLot's time zone, which is GMT-7. Your numbers only increase: - after the first response on a discussion you started - for the first response you post on a discussion by others - for the first comment you post on adiscussion started by yourself or others. ALL your own activity will create earnings for you if your posts are of quality and not just one line (or worse, a few words). If any discussions which you started, responded to or commented on are deleted due to Guideline violations, your number will decrease.
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• United States
23 Aug 09
Also remember that sometimes mylot will find past discussions deem worthy of being deleted so therefore if you started them or if you responded any money you paid off that discussion will go away so at some point you think you're not earning money where it might of just been a coincidence that you lost money and gained the same amount or the post you made yesterday didn't count cause it got deleted shortly after. Don't worry so much - there are times where things don't get updated right away, but it does it shorted out in the end.
• Canada
23 Aug 09
My guess is maybe that a few posts got deleted.. I'm not too sure why as I always try to follow the guidelines as best as I can.. but who knows. I wasn't really that worried about my posts not being updated.. just curious as to why they hadn't been. Thanks for the info!
• Indonesia
23 Aug 09
hello slebanc17, update earn every 24 hours, every day my earn update by mylot. Do you use internet from public internet or personal internet? May be if you use in public internet, You must mark check box "public internet" before login