The Fallout 3 Charecter Stories Discussion!

United States
August 23, 2009 4:26pm CST
Now I'm may be easily described as an addictive gamer and by far the most addicting single player game I know is Fallout 3. I'd easily describe it as my favorite game of all time without a doubt. That's not what this is about though, what I want to know is your character stories. For instance once I made a guy named Bruno with a hideous face and bright pink hair. Here is Bruno's story... One day Bruno got kicked out of his home, all he had was a bb gun and his trusty baseball bat smity. He roamed the waste looking for caps and odd jobs to get enough money for a sledge hammer so he could fight off those nasty ants that always where after his tasty water. However one day he came across a small little bear like object. It was soft and plush and had a small smile on it's face. Bruno now knew his mission. To find all the teddy bears in the Wastes!!! Now I know it may sound goofy but I do this with a lot of characters and it's a blast. So to any Fallout 3 players let me know if you made any charecters and I'll try and post a few more.
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