Big Brother...

@bcom92 (116)
August 23, 2009 5:16pm CST
Who do you want to win big brother? i want charlie to win.. he seems really genuine, at first i wanted marcus to win but hes got really moody now andhes no fun any more even though he speaks his mind but he has been himself. so who gets your voting?
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23 Aug 09
I want either Rodruigo or Marcus to win. I have always liked Marcus from day one, he completely won me over when he put big brother in their place about the whole "racist" thing with Sree. I like Rodruigo because he's just cute and funny, and i loved it when he kept laughing at Bea when she was upset just to wind her up even more. Charlie is ok but i think he over plays the "nice guy" card, i like Lisa too, she has grown on me since the show started and ive found the smaller the group has got the better she has become.
@bcom92 (116)
23 Aug 09
Sophie seems like a nice girl but with massive fake boobs like that it makes her look like a slag. Her boobs make her look out of preportion too and I wouldnt want her to win because all she will do is flash her boobs in lads mags etc.
24 Aug 09
I think she looks ok when she first went in but now that she's put on weight its made her boobs look even bigger and because she's not wearing a bra that fits her it pushes them up to her chin and makes them all bluge out, not attractive Im glad she has said she isnt going to go out with Kris when she gets out, he was such a womaniser
@jugsjugs (13045)
26 Aug 09
I want Marcus to win even though i do not watch it all the time i know what is going on as a few of my friends constantly talk about it when we get together.I have never voted on big brother, we have a bet with each other instead as it is more fun that way.Happy Mylotting.