Does replacing soda with water really help to lose weight?

United States
August 23, 2009 8:31pm CST
So I've heard that replacing soda with water has really not only helped people become more healthy but has helped them lose weight too. I was just wondering if anyone on here has ever tried this? Does it really help alot?
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• United States
24 Aug 09
In fact it actually does do just that. My sister was way over weight and was a nurse but then she ended up cutting out just the soda's and started drinking only water. She lost 20 pound's in the first month, just by doing that.
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
24 Aug 09
really? i'll think i have to lessen my drinking soda habit... :) i think it's healthier if i'lll just prefer water... :)
@becky01 (81)
4 Sep 09
Yes cutting out soda and replacing it with water will do you wonders! Not only will it help you to lose weight but it will also keep your skin looking fresh and clear, give you more energy during the day and help you to sleep better at night time!
• United States
24 Aug 09
It does work. The thing is think amount the amount of sugar in soda and the effects that is going to have on your body. Now some people will remark loads of weight lost while others won't seem to have as much but you have to think about your workout styles and then how much you normally drink soda too. But the thing is I would go along with it - and then if you get tired of water just get juice or something. Juice is still healthy but a good alternative.