How often you get carried away?

@Abhii88 (214)
August 24, 2009 5:25am CST
Hello friends. I want to know how often are you influenced by other things happening around you emotionally, mentally? What you see, what you hear anything that motivates you, influence you in a positive or a negative way. And do you remember anything that motivated you to the extent that it changed your life?
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@vandana7 (67706)
• India
25 Aug 09
Well, there are several things that touch me and I do get carried away many times. It depends on several factors actually. If I am preoccupied with other problems, then my response to the happenings will be of one kind. If I am hungry or thirsty, then my response will be different. And so on. Therefore, sometimes I might react to the same set of conversation in one way, while at other times I might remain passive. I go through such variations in my behavior when things are done or uttered before me. My situation and feelings at that point of time influence whether I am going to get carried away or not. There is no thumb rule that I will alway get carried away, like wise there is no thumb rule that I will not. Even topics that I feel touched by emotionally may not remain constant. I wouldnt exactly call it moody. But for want of better words, I will confine it to that.