Have you ever shoplifted from a store?

August 24, 2009 6:08am CST
When I was younger, my friends dared me to shoplift something from a local department store. The more expensive the item, the better. I was never able to do it, because i was too scared. Even now, the thought of getting something from a store and not paying for it is unthinkable for me. I always try to be honest whenever i can. How about you? Have you ever shoplifted? :)
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@chi2nasrin (1102)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 09
Yes, when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I never get caught doing it . I was still ignorant that time, my older sister told me how the boys in her class was shoplifting from a store and I just wanted to try. I never shoplifted anything expensive though, just Mentos candy and fancy stationary like pen, liquid paper and so on, things that were pocket size. I was scaring when I was at it but I quickly went out the store as soon as I got what I wanted and then I feel glad and stupidly proud. How I do it? Make sure there is no camera or cctv, I hold the thing and walk around in the store and then stuffed it in my pocket. Sometimes to make it less obvious I even go the the counter and pay something less expensive like a lighter. My friend once got caught shoplifting and the management reported her to our school, she was very ashamed because the school decided to announce her name in the morning assembly. Her brother was very angry with me because he thought I was the one who taught her sister to shoplift when I never did or asked her to. We were banned from seeing each other for quite a few month but after that and until now we are still friends. We were still young that time. It is not good doing that.
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• Philippines
24 Aug 09
Wow, you had some guts! LOL. I tried many times when i was younger but i was too much of a scaredy-cat. I would literally tremble all over.