girls too emotional

@wwkeen (247)
August 24, 2009 9:46am CST
what i feel like sometime girl is too emotional when dealing with problem, not sure i'm 100% correct about this. When something happen, they just depand on their feel to judge the issue rather than base on proof.So, some judgment sometime will go wrong or make wrong decision about it. What do your guys think?
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@slogger (48)
• United States
24 Aug 09
In my experience, I tend to agree with this analysis. They show their emotions and let them take control of their actions much easier than most guys. That being said, being emotional is not a bad thing. Many times, the emotions are what help us make the best decisions in life. Sure they won't be right all of the time but neither will using pure logic. The key is to find a balance of logic/though and emotion. I find it pretty safe to say that not many girls or guys have found that balance! Similarly, the stereotypical guy who shows no emotion can ultimately be much worse off than the stereotypical emotional girl. When emotions are let go, stress gets released. Instead of releasing the stress, the stereotypical guy lets it build up inside of him. This buildup in stress can ultimately lead to lots of health problems such as high blood pressure.