Helping the needy

August 24, 2009 11:16am CST
Hi everybody! During the last summer holidays, while travelling, many heartbreaking scenes came across my vision. When my train came to a halt in a railway station, my eyes got stuck on two small children, say at the age of 4 or 5, who were begging amongst the passengers. The most striking thing about that was they were not begging for money but for food. At that point of time I realised the injustice we are doing when we are wasting even a single grain of food. These children who are not getting proper food are mostly, likely to become thieves, later in their lives, in my opinion. In most cases, if we look, there won't be any male member among them. Even if there is, he will be much older,one who is differently abled. Thus, the ladies also will be forced to do immoral works to earn their living. There are a lot of needy people in our society. In my native place itself there are so many institutions in which they look after the poor and needy. Recently, I had a chance to view a TV programme in which they telecasted about an institution where they showed some people who narrated their problems which were heartbreaking. Some are very young girls who in their early stages of lives had lost their husbands,families etc. At this point, we have to thank those institutions who have taken the initiative to help those people. I have made my mind to do some sort of social work in future. What about you people? Do you like to join me in this?
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