How to you handle your dad

Dad and son - Relation of dad and son
@rajupaul (975)
August 24, 2009 11:36am CST
Your dad finally agreed to let you go to that much talked-about rave. On the day of the big event, your dad’s trusty station wagon wouldn’t start, so he tells you he can’t take you to your party after all. You start 1.slamming doors, kick anything in your way,and turn your room upside down. 2.heave a big sigh, pop in some trance music and have your own ‘party’ at home.3. tell your dad how bad you feel and quickly find a solution to your dilemma.
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@PeacefulWmn9 (10424)
• United States
24 Aug 09
Hi Raju. Since this would not be my dad's fault and he probably already feels bad about it, I would tell him that it is okay and that I will find a friend or someone else to give me a ride Karen
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@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
24 Aug 09
my dad worked away during my childhood, i was used to it. thou when he did come to watch me ride, he'd usually just miss me. but i was happy he came, he's been there when i wanted him to be for my deb ball and the state champs (both me and my bro were competing there and dad drove the truck down) apart from that dads prone to fiddling around the morning your going away, making sure things are done, frusating everyone who wants to leave. he's more open to idea now thou, when we do things together just so we can make it easier on us.
@meapas (2434)
• India
24 Aug 09
My daddy is like my best friend. He is game for anything I say, but I don't like such parties. When I was small, he use to say not to misuse his leniency. Never take it as a licence for every thing. He taught us what is good and what is bad. Now it is upto us to know what is best for us.