Call of Duty 4 Weaps and Perk preference

August 24, 2009 11:52am CST
I was just wondering what you guys prefer to use on COD4, I, having played it for some time, I almost immediately thought that the P90 was the best weapon when I unlocked it due to it being fast and having a HUGE ammo clip, but then I kinda got bored of it and moved on to the mp5, m4 carbine and ak74u, I'm not keen at all on the ak47 (preffering the ak74u) and have always found the mp5 to be it's 'rival' in a way and have generally preffered the mp5 due to it being a lot faster. I dislike the Dragunov sniper rifle too as it is exactly the same as the m14 except it's slower - you agree? My current weapon is the gold mini uzi - fast, light and easy to use! Onto perks, I like to have '3 special grenades', 'Stopping Power' and 'Martydom' - you agree on this? I have also always wondered what is better - double tap, stopping power or juggernaut - faster shooting, more powerful shooting or more time to shoot - which is best? Also, does anyone ever use eavesdrop - what's the point; it's not exactly like anyone says anything interesting! - You agree? Share your ideas - what's your favourite weapon and perks? What weaps and/or perks do you think are absolute rubbish? Why do you prefer these?
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