Should I talk to him?

August 24, 2009 12:10pm CST
At Christmas my dad and I fell out and the story goes like this... I'm a student and can barely afford to pay my rent let alone buy christmas presents but I wanted to buy something nice for my grandparents and my dad. I live in the UK and I work nights whilst at uni so imagine my surprise when my dad said that I hadn't spent enough on their xmas presents! I bought my grandad some guiness fudge which was quite expensive - my dad said he's been on the internet to check its price and he found it for £1.47! Next, because of their love of animals, I bought my grandparents an elephant adoption (one of those £3 per month type things) as I thought they'd appreciate it. However, because of the huge demand for these products around christmas, the adoption pack was delayed so all I could do was get some nice photo paper and print off the certificate. My dad accused me of not actually paying for anything and just making up a certificate (I'm still paying for it). He also rowed about a couple of other things. I was in such shock about this that all I could get out was 'what happened to 'it's the thought that counts'!! Since then he sent me a letter basically telling me how much I'd hurt him over the last 20 years and said that he won't apologise because I have done so many terrible things - most of which are the typical teenage things, staying out late etc. He now says he wants to talk to me and says it's not a competition about who says sorry first and that he said those things because he was sticking up for my grandparents - but what exactly should I say sorry for and what did he need to stick up for them for? I just need some advice on what you think about this issue, whether I should speak to him and how can I forgive someone who clearly thinks that they were in the right? Also, could I have some advice on whether this is the type of topic i should be posting, I'm new!! Thanks
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@cupkitties (7561)
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24 Aug 09
The fact he brings up your teenage past seems to me more an excuse. He knows he's wrong but too prideful and stubborn to own up to it. Not really sure about dealing with those kind of people. IF it were me I'd probably end up not speaking to my dad for a while. I'd probably happen to bring up a conversation with the grand parents about his oh so perfect teenage years while he was in good ear range.