Banks and Small Business Services

United States
August 24, 2009 12:21pm CST
I am so tired of these banks that claim they offer all the services a small business needs. I am a massage therapist and I have clients who have chronic problems where they need to be seen for weeks or months depending on how bad it is. And with all these lay-off and the economy, they can't afford to pay to come in like they should. I have seen Customer Service Finance programs that allow customers to stretch payments out over a longer period of time with no interest. Dental, chiro, plastic surgery. But I have called every bank I can think of and NONE of them will help me offer anything like that to my customers. I am offering services that are more medical in nature than plastic surgery. But no, massage therapy, we are not going to help your clients. I just want to help my clients get the care they need. I am a new small business. I have to pay a lease and bills so I can't do it myself or reduce my price. I already offer referral incentives where they can get free sessions, bday cards for free 30 min, and and packages. But I still can't help them and it is breaking my heart.
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