Does your boss ask you to do personal tasks? Do you do it. Is it right?

@realan (520)
United States
August 24, 2009 3:39pm CST
I've been working with my boss for over 12 years. Throughout the years he has asked me to help him with lots of personal things. Helping him plan his family vacations, picking up lunch, coffee, buying gifts, ordering flowers and so on. Mind you this not my job! I'm not his personal assistant. But throughout the years I've gotten used to it and haven't minded. Do you think it's right that your manager asks for personal favors? Would you do it?
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@ebsharer (5517)
• United States
24 Aug 09
Are you his assistant? Because if you are it is very common to do things like you have described. I worked for a small family owned company where there were 2 owners and I was the Administrative Assistant and I did every thing from company stuff to personal stuff. I made shipping appointments as well as doctars appointments. I bought christmas and anniversary presents for there wives so they didn't have to. I took grandkids to school or watched them when they were dropped off at the office. I did every thing in the office that needed to be done if that ment buying a pair of earings online for toms wife then thats what it ment. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as your getting paid and not asked to do anything illegal or moraly wrong then why not?!?
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@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 09
Unless I am a personal assistant, then I won't do the job if I don't like it. Asking to do personal favors can only be done if it's once in a while. If not, it's more like bullying and pushing me around. Plus, it's not listed in my work tasks. I'll find the most polite answer to decline. It's not that I am not a good worker, it just that I am not a slave. I don't want to be driven around by others.
@rookiekan (883)
• China
24 Aug 09
although i think it'll waste ur much cherish time,in the other side,boss maybe was very satified with ur job and willing to give u his other mission.i do not know how much exactly wages u can earn.i guess it have to reach ur mind request.