marriage equals to trade?

August 24, 2009 9:05pm CST
Hi mylotters, I just read a disgusting post from some other website, and I'm just confused, so I'd like to start a discussion here. Where I work is a little county in Northeast China, here people are conservative but kind-hearted, they just don't demand much but a stable job, a stable life, a harmonious family and a beloved one. The post says,"I have a decent job in a tax-service governmental office, and I bought a 100-square-meter house on my own. Introduced by a friend, I met a girl who is actually a postgraduate and has a relatively stable job in this county. She told me that she had a boyfriend when she was in college and planned to marry, but they finally broke up." It's actually a normal post discussing about love, but the disgusting things came up as the poster says that, "I'm afraid that she must have slept with her boyfriend, which means, she must not be a virgin now, since I'm wealthy and have a good job, I don't want to marry a non-virgin, but my parents are very anxious about my marriage stuff, so what should I do?" Isn't that disgusting? I was outraged when I finished reading it because I don't even know that there are guys like this living in this peaceful and beautiful county! Why, can money buy love? does virgin mean everything? What actually does he want? I really can't understand this! So, followed many scolding responses, I scolded him too. Guys, what do you say, does marriage equals trade? What a shame!
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• China
26 Aug 09
hi maggiesunjuan,nice and surprised to meet you here,for I am from china too,may I make friend with you?I have heard the topic you refered.I agree with you,marriage doesnt equals trade,I scold this kind of men seriously,one should marry the person he/she love.
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• United States
25 Aug 09
Some men are very picky, they want someone who has never been with anyone else.