global warming?

@jen14ed (868)
August 25, 2009 2:06am CST
the primary cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emissions. CO2 is being pumped into our atmosphere at an insane pace.. 8 billion tons CO2 entered the air last year of course some of this is due to natural activity such as volcanic eruptions and people breathing. but the earth is equipped to easily absorb those into the normal regenerative process.. in your own opinion what is cause of global warming what will i do to save the earth from global warming happy mylottings!!!!
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• India
11 Oct 09
Global increase is the phenomenon by which there is gradual increase in earth's atmosphere.The present scale of global warming will led to the destruction of earth. The primary reason for it is CO2 emission.The CO2 emission by big -large scale industries,from the large no. of automobiles and nuclear tests has its toll on the mother earth.Earth is becoming warmer day by day and the icebergs of the polar region are melting at an acute rate.The Artic ocean which was the most difficult to navigate is now an easier task.This will lead to flooding of coastal areas and big cites like Kolkata,Mumbai,Tokyo,and the islands of Bali,Sumatra will all be drowned. It is high time to thing upon this global issue and switch over to a simple solution of tree plantation.Technology should be developed to produce highly efficient vehicles that will produce less CO2,and all industries should use electrostatic precipitator so that CO@ emission will be minimized