How much did your wedding cost?

August 25, 2009 1:18pm CST
How much money did you spend on your wedding and what type of wedding did you have? Did you have a strict budget to work to or was it "free reign" The reason that i ask is that i am getting married next year and i have quite a small budget so i am looking to see how and why people did the things that they did and perhaps get some inspiration
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@srpkinja (375)
• Canada
25 Aug 09
I'm not married yet. Although, when that time does come I want to have enough saved up for the most beautiful day I can imagine. I don't want to buy cheap things because you only get married once. Since there's not rush either, I will have a lot saved up, thankfully because I know I will go decorating crazy!
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@sacmom (14315)
• United States
11 Sep 09
My wedding cost...are you ready for this...a whopping $100! LOL Actually it was a little less than this, but I don't remember the exact amount! LOL My husband and I had eloped at the county clerk's office. It was just the two of us so they had to get a witness for us. Even though it was a small affair it was still very sweet. The clerk that married us even had tears in her eyes. The only thing I regret about that day was that my husband and I forgot the camera. So we don't have any pictures from our special day. But at least we have the memories! Congratulations and happy mylotting!
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
5 Sep 09
How does $2000 sound?. Well that's a round about of how much my fiance and I are going to have spent. All we need to do is pay for the rest of the food (of course pick it up, etc)... But here's what we did. Our wedding theme is Western and it's going to be this month, so it's fall! My fiance's mom is providing one decoration... and then the rest are boots we had! The flowers we got with a coupon and spent $100.00 on, there fake. We had his grandmother do the arrangements (of which were thankful) and the cake lady won't be too expensive (I think $70.00) The bread (buns) were going to need is going to be cheap too $45.00 I think... Oh and the clothes? I can't remember really! I'm not wearing a dress, but you could ask for a hand me down or go to a thrift shop to find one! If not, do you know a seamstress! There ya go! They'll get ya discount, maybe. Hmm... I guess the guests are a big part of the bill that and the wedding party 60 guests, two on each side. His dad, our friend, My sister, my cousin... We were going to have three on each side but that didn't fall through for us... so... Any questions? I think that would be easier for me to answer.