during hard times....you.

United States
August 25, 2009 1:25pm CST
During these tough times with financial crises and debts piling up with collecting agencies trying to make you pay up. I am one of these victims and it's caused to smoke more. Knowing that next month would just be the same with the non stop callings and worries afraid we're not going to eat tonight. Just 50-100 dollars extra a month would make a big difference in life. To some it may be chump change but to me. Its gold. Without enough hours, i tried hopelessly searching for ways to make money online. Many says blogging, many says surveys, or even posting. That's how i ended up here at mylot. Lately I've been blogging and trying out other things to help rake in some extra income. And i say...its not bad! not bad...I've just started and I'm not making a whole lot but you can never say bad things about money no matter the amount. I've found some great sites I'm using and i thought I'd share them and to also catch me some referrals if there is a chance to. =] Please take a look at what I've been doing to help make extra income. Maybe it'll help you too. My blog site - http://latespotblog.blogspot.com Thank you for reading and enjoy! best wishes if you decided to join any of them. =] Please let me be your referee.
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