Does anyone have Tinnitis? How do you deal with it?

United States
August 25, 2009 2:01pm CST
A few weeks ago I developed this ringing in my ears that won't go away. I should add, I'm a 50 year old male and I've spent a lot of my life working around heavy machinery so that's probably something that contributed to it. But I don't know anyone else who has tinnitis so I don't really have anyone to discuss it with except my doctor. If you have it, when did you get it? Is it permanent? How are you treating it? What treatments have worked for you? I've seen some treatments online like this one: Seems like people mention it online sometimes but I haven't really been able to find anyone else with it:
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@MistyWood (349)
25 Aug 09
I haven't discussed it with my doctor but I have had tinnitus for a long time - I have no idea what caused it, but it may well be inherited as my mother has it too! It doesn't usually cause me a problem, other than when I am trying to sleep. I have found that having a fan running works but also a white noise generator I am told will do the trick. I guess in some ways I am used to it and I just switch it out and don't hear it - it has always been there so I have had to learn to do this.