To refer or not to refer?

United States
August 25, 2009 4:53pm CST
When I first started with my online earning adventure I was totally against referrals. Every site I belonged to I was referred there by someone and totally understood that they made money off of me but I wanted to go at my earnings completely on my own. And I actually take being a referral very seriously and when I take a few days off from PTC's, survey's and MyLot I feel kind of bad for the person that referred me. After going at it hard for about 2 months I fully understand the importance of getting referrals. I'm still not sure its the route I want to go and I can see that you can't just depend on your referrals to do all the work for you. So I'm wondering how other myloters feel about referrals. I know for sure I don't wanna be the person that lies to people to get them to sign up as a referral and then never offers them any help at all. Do you guys keep in touch with your referrals maybe send out weekly motivational emails? How do you gain referrals? I feel like I'm the only but is there anyone else that is considering not using referrals?
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