how often do you skip work?

August 25, 2009 9:40pm CST
i have known from a friend that she had a total of 10 days absense at work. when one had to skip a day of work, he would be deducted a day worth of his salary. the usual no work no pay is being implemented. it would be a great pain for those who had an above minimum pay for the deduction is at large. i don't want to suffer that because in my case, every centavo counts. i can't afford to miss a day of work.even when i don't feel so well i still attend my work as long as im not so sick and can still able to perform my functions.what's your side on this issue?how often do you skip work?
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@taztheone (1726)
• India
26 Aug 09
I Prefer to work in a place if the workplace is enjoyable or atleast not boring. If I dont like my work & one day i have an option of doing something better, I will definitely skip work. If going to work is more enjoyable than anything, then there is no question of skipping work.
• Philippines
26 Aug 09
i agree with you. being happy at work is always an advantage. you will find time to laugh amidst the pressure of work and some pressures from the boss too. that's the only consolation we can have at work. thanks for being the first one to respond to my post.
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
In our case at work, we also can't afford to not attend work for the deduction is really significant. Within this month as well, if we become absent for even a day, we won't get that incentive that we would get if we don't incur any absent. Even when I was not feeling well, I still try to go to work and perform as best as I can. There was this time when I wasn't feeling good on a Tuesday but, I just kept on coming to work and hoping that it was already Friday. I really needed to recuperate on a weekend and fortunately, the long work while I was not feeling well didn't make my condition any worse. I don't really want to be absent on anything now-a-days.. well, unless I know that it won't be very hard on me if ever I do become absent. I haven't been absent for work. Just a couple of time being late but, never absent. If I ever do have to be absent, I would inform them in advance and I do hope that they'll understand since, I would only be absent due to important reasons.
@whyiswyh (170)
• Malaysia
26 Aug 09
I prefer to stick to my principle even though it is bad. Absent or not absent is not what I care most. I care most is my plan while I am doing my work. I do my work with zest if I can. On bad days, I try to look things at the positive end and give myself a good reward for being professional. I do not skip work because I care for those I work for. I wanted my presence to be felt as much as I can. If they would not like me to work, it is okay. I just want all of us to enjoy the time at work more. If you like me to work, I will work with passion. I will do whatever it takes to make everyone feel happy. As long as they are happy it is my best reward.
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@dreamr802 (987)
• United States
26 Aug 09
There's only been a couple of days where I didn't go to work because I didn't feel good and/or I had something to do. But I didn't lose a day's worth of pay, I used PTO so then I still got the same amount on my paycheck.
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