Which color represents lucky in your culture?

@colydf (913)
August 26, 2009 9:42am CST
I our culture, red represents lucky. People all like the color red. Oppositely, while represents unlucky. What about your culture? Share it here. Have a nice day! Happy mylotting!
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@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
In our country which was influenced by Chinese culture everyone likes red color. For me, I don't believe there is a lucky color, because if it is true then everyone of us would remain forever that lucky color...cheers
• United States
27 Aug 09
here in the united states, green is genreally considered the color of lucky. Green is the color of growth, it represents knowledge and new beginings. It is also the color of our money (for the most part) as for what color represents unlucky i would have to say black. It is considered a depressing, sad color, usually not indicitive of anything good.
• Philippines
26 Aug 09
in our culture, i think it's red too. I remember during those time when i was still looking for work. Somebody would always tell me to wear red during interviews because it brings luck. yes, i think it's red too.
@beeduzhe (138)
• China
26 Aug 09
From China?I think red in China exactly represents lucky, and I like red very much.I have my bag red, my shoes red, or even some of my underwears...Really I think they will bring me luck.Red looks brighter than other colors and makes me feel happy everytime.But please don't forget color Gold in our culture also means lucky,and we can see the kings in history always wears gold.As for me,I don't like gold.It makes feel something royal but nice at all... I also want to know the culture about color in other areas,I think it's funny... I also want to know the favourite colour in your life and why,I think it's not represents color of your culture but it's your own lucky color,that's much more funny...Don't you think so?Haha... beeduzhe
@picjim (3003)
• India
26 Aug 09
I don't know about lucky color but they say green is good for eyes and health.
@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
26 Aug 09
Well, I have asked a feng shui / hong shui expert. What color brings good luck to horse shio? Maybe blue..