Hypnosis and quitting smoking

August 26, 2009 7:33pm CST
So I just had a real trippy experience, I tried hypnosis to quit smoking. I'm not sure if it's working though because I'm still smoking, just not that much. But it was really neat doing it and the person who did it said I had a great imagination when I described to her what I saw. Anyway has anyone else ever done this? I'm supposed to have a second session and I've been told that I should be a nonsmoker after that. Is that true? I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety now after the first session. Is that normal? I think that my husband said that I was stupid, He asked if it was easy to put me under. The person replied that it was then my husband said he couldn't be put under. What do you think, sounds like he called me stupid, right? What do you think of this experience? Has this happened to you? Will I be a nonsmoker after the second appointment
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@kykidd (6819)
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8 Sep 09
I have never been hypnotized to try to quit smoking, but a friend of mine has. Both she and her daughter quit for a while after having it done. But then, after being around other people that smoked, she did start smoking again. I think if they would have went back, and kept up the sessions, they might have been able to quit for good. I have had a hypnotist try to hypnotize me before in the past. But it was a group session and all of the people did not go under. I guess it is harder for some people to be hypnotized than others. And I think it is easier to hypnotize people one on one, rather than in a group session.