after resident evil 5

August 26, 2009 7:37pm CST
what do you think the resident evil 6?
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@ET28LV (1895)
• Latvia
28 Feb 10
I think be Re6 because many people love this game, maybe we need to wait 3 years and maybe than come re6 It's is worth to wait!
• United States
14 Nov 09
well i hope they add content to resident evil 5 like add more mercinary characters and bonus chapters i hope they add leon and claire and all those other poeple
@vivrenpar (595)
• Canada
18 Oct 09
I hope they at least bring back some zombies and some other characters that we haven't seen in a while. Resident Evil 6 might come out in 4 to 8 years according to some rumors. That is too long to wait. I really liked the fourth one and the fifth one was pretty good; I'm glad they had Wesker in it. Resident Evil 5: Alternate version is coming out next spring, I hope that turns out well.
@nautirus (14)
• Italy
31 Aug 09
the next resident evil...... must be frightening
• China
27 Aug 09
I love this game.Experience can not see the terrorist!The classic survival horror game"Resident Evil"includes exposure to bright sunlight under the city,there is no human habitation of the cities and towns,as well as the dark like a cave-like place,there will be unexpected biochemi cal monster rushed out of the terrible attack on the player.Through the PC platform,a powerful 3D graphics capabilities to a more detailed way of showing a bloody brutal horror."Resident Evil 6"it takes eight years,we will wait for it:)