Who's the better cook- you or your husband?

@ip5217 (1656)
August 26, 2009 8:34pm CST
I am so proud to say that I'm not a good cook but my partner is. Although, I can be a good cook if I want to. The reason why I said that he is the better cook is because seldom do I cook at home. He is the one that always fix our meal. Everything that involves household chores and our daily activity, he is the man or the captain of the house. On the other hand, I am the one working in the office. Sounds weird? Well that's the set-up between us. I work and he is the one in-charge at home. I don't really care because I was never home-bound person. Who among here have the same set-up? Are you happy with it?
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@nqh2009 (66)
• Vietnam
27 Aug 09
I show some women worry about their cooking skill, they try to refuse make special food when guests come to their house, also buy to the complex spice to make meal delicious. I think normally cooking is easy job. we should encourage each others make the new food & cooking skill will increasing fast.
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@irene66 (1671)
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
I do!! My husband also does the cooking for the family because if I cook nobody in the house will eat.My recipe is too "delicious" for them. I pity them so my husband volunteered to be the chef cook. I like it too because I find preparing food very taxing. I'd rather do the washing of clothes which is an easier task.
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