How to pass the nursing board exam after you failed and heard some insults?

August 27, 2009 1:52am CST
Im a nursing graduate Batch 2007, could you believe that? I take my board exam las Decmber 2007. The review was really tough, patience and perseverance kepet me going at that time. Prayer is also a plus. When the board exam came, it was really a nerve cracking experience. Thousands of aspiring nurse are wishing to pass the test that will build their confidence as a nurse. Ive waited 2 months praying that i will pass.. when February 2008 came... I failed. It was really depressing, exasperating event of my life. I was really pressure at that time and i didn't make it. At first, its' fine with me. But I never realized ater the result of the exam, many are dissapointed to me.. In my heart i'm trying to be strong but in my mind all of their prejudice opinion was sinking in. For that exam, people will degrade you and made you foolish thoughts, like you will be pass at take 10, it's that really cruel, isnt it?But I'm a person who still believe in myself. I'm a person i ignore things coming from other's filthy mouth.. But i need some opinion on how to boost up yourself again and believe yourself despite of all the prejudices. I want opinion from the people who experience it also or some people who surpassed inhibitions so that ican boost up my confidence again. Hope you will help me and other people who can relate to me in your altruistic and emphatic opinion..