I have deleted a spyware without using an antivirus software

@levite (1062)
August 27, 2009 3:53am CST
Way back 2004, when I was still using windows 98 OS, my computer was infected with a spyware. I didn't know about spyware at that time. (I learned about it when I have installed the AD-aware SE, still in windows 98.) My computer suddenly functioned abnormally and strange messages began to display on the screen. The computer suddenly hanged, the mouse and keyboard didn't function as well. I restarted the computer and the same thing happened. I restarted again but this time, I immediately pressed CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys simultaneously while windows was loading during startup. When the task manager opened, I was surprised to see the letter "a's" pop-upped in the windows process successively. I realized that, that was the culprit so I just ended the task process . I restarted windows again in safe mode, searched for the file "a" and it appeared. It is an a.exe file. I deleted it, restart windows again in normal mode and the computer ran fine now. But now, I already have antivirus software. I just use this strategy when strange thing happens in my computer. But I don't recommend this to anyone who has little knowledge of windows processes. You can go to www.processlibrary.com to know more about windows processes. Do you have similar experiences of removing virus and spyware w/o using an antivirus?
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@lovelots (147)
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
the only method that i do without using an antivirus is via Hijackthis and Autoruns. I study the logs and processes running and delete them manually. but nowaways, sometimes relying on those two programs that i've mentioned isn't enough. having an antivirus is still the best option though.
@levite (1062)
• Philippines
28 Aug 09
Yes, to remove spywares and viruses manually is a very ardous and long task. A good and updated antivirus program can do the job itself.