Mixing formaline with fruits !!

August 27, 2009 5:24am CST
in our country now a days a fear strikes to all the civiolians. some dishonest mix formaline in their sellable fruits so that their fruits stay long time fresh. to stop perishing and to remain fresh for long time they put the fruits into liquid formaline. i got the news from a newspaper few days ago. they publised a picture with the news stating that a person just mixing formaline with fruits. specially mangoes. for mixing formaline in mangoes you cant see insects nearby the delicious fruits for the poision . is that strange ?
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• China
27 Aug 09
Hi ivan,I am very sorry to hear this,it's terrible to eat fruit like that,wish you and your family have not bought this kind of fruits.I scold the merchant who have done this immoral thing.Good luck,my dear friend.
• Sweden
30 Aug 09
Hey Monica, Thanks for joining me? if i get the merchant who are making this staffs i would do the same like you. happy lotting friend. take care