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@chulce (1540)
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August 27, 2009 7:20am CST
Okay, laugh but, as I am sitting here in my computer, I am working on creative practices for myself. Recently I wrote about one idea that I use to help others and gosh! What a wonderful response, because I am now getting more creative will all the practices that each of you have passed along, thanks so much. Here is a fun idea and wow, I was pleased with the results. I decided to see what I could find in my dictionary this morning while I was looking up the correct spelling of a word, yeah, I know spell check, but, I wanted to make sure that I could spell the word correctly the next time I used it and thus, began to use the dictionary again. Well, I got to thinking, what else could I do with my old pal. Why not create a writing exercise, so here it goes. 1) Grab your dictionary. Then set in front of you. 2) Place your hands on top of your dictionary, then close your eyes, very important! 3) Now count to 3, with your eyes closed pull open your dictionary with one hand and with the other, run a finger down the inside binding of the book, count to 3 again, then stop. 4) Open your eyes. Read the word that your finger is near. Now write about it. See what you can come up with, how many words can you use using just that one word or come up with a story based on that one word. You will be amazed at the result. The word I ended up with- Carbon. Wow, did my mind start racing with dinosaurs. :) I think I have a children's book on my hands! Happy Writing!
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@jashoaf (298)
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30 Aug 09
On Triond, a group of writers do something similar as a challenge. Somebady thinks up two totally disconnected nouns. One of them may have an adjective connected. We then have a week to write whatever we wnat, and post it for public discussion. One set was 'shark' and 'charming author'. Here was my admission: There are no prizes beyond constructive criticism, but boy, does it get the creative juices flowing!
@MistyWood (349)
27 Aug 09
Hang on there.... Carbon -- dinosaurs! Huuummmm a big leap there.... What about... *Diamond *Graphite *Oil *Coal *Gas *Life! *Nanotechnology The list really is endless ---- I am a high school / college Chemistry teacher