Take your cat for a walk day

@chulce (1540)
United States
August 27, 2009 7:33am CST
Time for a good laugh. We have 3 cats and a kitten. Two of our cats love to be outside, but they won't leave the yard. Okay, one slips off from time to time and we know she does, but when she is spotted, she immediately runs back into our yard and acts as if she were there the whole time, very funny! Anyway, our oldest cat was looking forlorn at the dog door as if she too wanted to go outside. So I got to thinking about it, I have a dog lease with a small harness, let's see what she does. After fighting a wiggling cat for about 10 minutes getting the harness on and oh about 30 scratches up and down my arms (not including time for wound cleaning) we made it out the door. To my amazement, she loved it. I let her lead me around the yard, she sniffed plants, tasted a few, rolled in the dirt. She had a great time. But, alas, it didn't last for long, something spooked her. Darn squirrels! She made a mad dash back towards the door and was ready to come in. It was a great way to let her explore and I am hoping she may want to do it again some time. With out the scratches of course. So, has anyone else walked their cat today? Have you ever put one on a leash and taken them for a walk? If not, try it sometime! Have a bright and wonderful day!
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@WereWulf (16)
• United States
29 Aug 09
We have a doggy door for our dogz. Our cats always went outside, but when they had kittens, they eventually found the doggy door.. Now we have a bunch of outdoor loving kittens! But whenever we saw them outside they would run under the deck.. They would come back in if you left them alone. They are some pretty freaky kittens (: Smart too!
• China
27 Aug 09
I have a cute puppy.I give it name is baby.It was only two-month However,things have been really understand them.It can understand,I call it by name.It knows where it should eat.It knows where to go toilet.It is eating my favorite slippers..It is also like me persons,it is to walk the playground.I like my dog.But I do not know that it met the cat what would happen......I am prepared to keep a cat and its friends.
• India
27 Aug 09
That was an interesting idea. I think I had seen some kids do it. But I don't think the cats enjoy it. Perhaps your cat will get used to it and enjoy it also. Perhaps you can tell us about your progress later.