The Cover Page

June 3, 2006 3:45pm CST
Use word Art and/or the Clip organizer to create a truly original cover page that you can use with all of your assignments. The cover page should include the title of the assignments, your name, course information, and date. (Use the Insert Date and Time command to insert the date as a field so that it will be updated automatically every time you retrieve the document.) The formatting is up to you. Submit to your instructor via email and use this cover page for your future assignments. The Flyer Create a flyer to advertise something you have for sale (Used car, stereo, computer etc). Integrate the following features into your flyer: • Different fonts in different sizes, colors, and styles • Bulleted or numbered list • Indents • An autoShape • A graphic • A tabbed table with tab leaders Include you name as the contact information
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