do you have a personal sauna at home

South Africa
August 27, 2009 10:16am CST
A personal sauna is often regarded as a portable steam sauna which comes in different ranges of heating capacities and sizes. A personal sauna offer portable yet fascinating and healthy effect on the body. Installing steam shower is one of the ways of fixing a personal sauna at home, a personal often come as a strong and lightweight construction which make it easier for assemblage and plumbing is not required in this case. A personal sauna also make use of a steam generator which provides regulated and continuous heat. Personal saunas can be stored effectively without stress. They are flat-packed, portable, and they are often sold in folded forms. Some of the decent portable personal saunas you can find come with dimensions of 23cmx 73cmx 104cm in terms of height, width and length respectively. A personal sauna steam generator is always included in a personal Sauna package alongside 3M cable which plugs straight into a 240v socket, hence there will be no need for wiring or plumbing. Home saunas are easy to use as you can set them up anywhere within 3 meters of a 13amp power point. You can simply unfold them, fill the steamer with tap water and then switch it on after you fill it up. A home sauna comes with an hard PVC wearing cover which is designed under a standard specification. A double-headed nylon fastener is also included for easy usage from both the inside and outside of the cover. Silicon is used in sealing the floor of steam saunas simply to prevent leakages of condensation being generated from the steam and excess condenses are made to settle at the sauna tents of floor. The seats found in home saunas have been designed to adjust to the shape of the body and for maximum comfort of the user. Most saunas can comfortably accommodate weights of around 170kg maximum.
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