what is an effective natural acne sca treatment procedure

South Africa
August 27, 2009 10:36am CST
Acne scars occur when acne spots become inflamed or when acne spots are not healed completely. There are several options available for natural acne scar treatment. Not every scar on the skin result from acne infections and treatment, hence real acne scars must be identified before treatment. Flat reddish spots are usually the type of scars left from the flattening of inflamed acne lesions, while post inflammatory pigmentation are the dark spots that remain after an acne lesion has been healed. Light brown or dark lesions might get darker when the affected skin parts are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. One of the Natural acne scar treatment methods is Protein Catabolism. This procedure involves the break down of protein into amino acids. These amino acids are then absorbed into the cell through the permeable plasma membrane. The Ribonucleic acid{RNA} in the cell will henceforth convert the amino acids into new proteins through the process known as Polymerization . This polymerization system will convert the amino acid into a potent chemical capable of digesting ruptured cells and damaged tissues and remove them from skin lesions. This will in turn lead to a quick healing and regeneration of tissues and reduce inflammation significantly.
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