Very Interesting Stuff...

@iriscot (1290)
United States
August 27, 2009 11:12am CST
Here is some very interesting stuff that I ran across, everyone here should have some fun with this.... Some very contraversial stuff here! You should be able to work this up into a lot of statements and comments. I'll see if I can find some more tomorrow.
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@anniepa (27240)
• United States
27 Aug 09
That's some interesting stuff, indeed! Of course, the conservatives will hate it. It's strange how it's fine to use any conservative blog or anything from Fox News as a source but if someone has an opinion or the facts to dispute what a conservative has said and puts it in a "liberal" blog, that's a biased source and isn't credible. I wasn't surprised to see Rush Limbaugh has launched an attack against Ted Kennedy before he's even been buried but I didn't read what he said beyond the headlines. I'm already taking medication for my blood pressure so I don't want to give myself a stroke! Thanks for sharing! Annie
@iriscot (1290)
• United States
28 Aug 09
Annie I've noticed that none of the usual gang has responded to this. Is there a reason?
@xfahctor (14130)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
29 Aug 09
Hmmmm, not sure I'd term it as "interesting", it seems pretty much the same phony theater I have come to expect from bloggers and partisan mouth pieces from both sides. No substance, very little in the way of legitimate issue debate and more of the same perpetuation of a false choice and nit-picky critique. I tell ya, the best thing I ever did for my political beliefs was to break free of that fog.