Is there a Spider-Man 4

United States
August 27, 2009 2:17pm CST
Is there a spider-man 4 is so who is the evil person in that one. Does the Green Guy coming back again?Or is there some new villian that is going to cause Peter Parker some more lonely nights? I liked the first three and can't wait to see if there is another spider-man coming out.
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@Kenorv (344)
• United States
27 Aug 09
IMDB(The Internet Movie Database) says that Spider-man 4 has been announced but production hasn't begun yet. According to IMDB, the target release date for Spider-man 4 is May 6th 2011. No word on who all is going to be in the movie. There are all sorts of rumors of course, of who the villans will be but nothing has been confirmed yet. If I had to guess then I would say either Scorpion, because that would help increase J. Jonah Jamison's role(which would be great since J.K. Simmons is awesome as J.J.J.) or Mysterio. I think that Dr. Connors becoming the Lizard in Spider-man 4 is almost a given. There wasn't enough time in any of the other movies to focus on the Lizard(although one could argue that they could have left out all the Eddie Brock/Venom stuff since no one wanted Topher Grace to play Eddie in the first place, and given all of that time to Connors/Lizzard) but with all of the origin stuff, and Mary Jane stuff out of the way, there should be time in the 4th movie to focus on the Lizard. I also think that Black Cat will be in the 4th movie. In fact if I was making the 4th movie then I would probably have it be the Lizard, Scorpion and Black Cat as the new characters in this movie. There doesn't have to be too much time spent on the Scorpion. J.J.J. is so tired of Spider-man that he takes matters into his own hands, and hires someone(Mac Gargan) to don the Scorpion suit and defeat Spider-man. Not much time needed to explain all of that since viewers should already know J.J.J.'s loathing of Spider-man from the previous 3 films. And they've already seen enough of Dr. Connors to know about him so they can just skip straight to the part where he performs his experiments to try to grow a new arm and thus become the Lizard in the process. That leaves plenty of time to devote to who I think should be the star of this movie, other than Spider-man of course, the Black Cat. Putting Spidey and Black Cat together for most of the movie would make this a much more appealing movie than Spider-man 3 was. And I think it would also create the perfect motive for J.J.J. to want to put an end to Spidey for good. Black Cat robs some fancy jewelry store or something, sets off an alarm, Spidey goes to stop her, only she's gone and when the cops get there all they see is Spidey. J.J.J. thinks that Spidey's turned to a life of crime and proceeds to find someone(Mac Gargan/Scorpion) to put a stop to him. And of course, on top of that, Peter becomes attracted to Black Cat which creates issues with M.J. which gives the writers and producers a way of writing M.J. out of any future movies should Kirsten Dunst decide that she no longer wants to play M.J. Now who would play the Black Cat is anyone's guess. It would have to be an attractive blonde actress I would think. I'm sure a lot of people would love to see Megan Fox play the Black Cat but I don't know if she would look as sexy as a blonde as she does with black hair but that's just me. I think Charlize Theron is one of if not the most talented actress for the role but she may be a little too old for it seeing how Spidey's still young in these movies. If I had to guess then I would say that Sienna Miller ends up playing the Black Cat although I thought she was just so so as the Baroness in G.I. Joe. I'm just not sure who else would be up for a role like that seeing how I would think that it would be a very physically demanding role. Any ways, that's what I would like to see in Spider-man 4 but it's still anyone's guess as to what that movie will be about. I just know that it has been announce, with production scheduled to start in 2010 and May 6th as the target release date according to IMDB.
@kb5000 (110)
• United States
28 Aug 09
i hope so. if not that would be disappointing.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
8 Aug 10
Hope there will be a 4th series
@killersss (639)
• India
15 Sep 09
i wish there's a spider-man4 i am desperately waiting for the fourth part of this great and epic story line. :) i think the guy in black will come back in this fourth part and it will be an evil thing which will try to destroy the country but again spider-man will take over and help everyone :)