Which one should she choose?

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August 27, 2009 2:32pm CST
Hey all you mylotters! My sister-in-law has a dilemma and she could really use some advice here. So here it goes: Ok, so...my sister-in-law's name is Tami. So, Tami was dating this guy and they were really serious about 2 years ago. (His name is Bryce.) But then they had to break up because Bryce had to go on a mission for two years with the LDS church. (everyone is LDS in this story...not like it matters...anyway...) They still wrote his whole mission, back and forth. But then towards the end of his mission he stopped writing because he got so busy--he didn't even have time to write his family. Tami felt hurt that he was not writing. Anyway, during this time that he was not writing, Tami started spending time with this other guy. (Schyler) He went on his mission (for the LDS church) to Colorado Springs and was in Tami's parents congregation (ward). So they (Tami's parents) got to know him really well. Well then when Tami went to school in Idaho her and Schyler became really close. (Talking marriage) Then Bryce starts writing her again and then about a month later he comes home from his mission. They (Tami and Bryce) start talking again and wanted to see each other again. They go visit each other and find out that they really still like each other and want to continue dating. So Tami is dating two guys at once and they both know about each other. One guy (Schyler) is more emotional and he is the type of guy who worships the ground she walks on and who buys her stuff and makes her stuff. And tells her..."I would do anything for you, Tami." The other guy (Bryce) still loves her and he tells her so. He will buy her flowers every once in while. But, he shows her he loves her through challenging her to become better and is good about letting her do her own thing, but tries to also work as a team with her. He likes to also help her reach out side of her comfort zone and try new things. Now to the question... (All of the guys have the same core beilefs and values that Tami wants--it's just the little stuff that is different... (what i just explained). So which guy would you pick if you were her? Any helpful insight would be much appreciated!
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