FarmVille and Farmtown in Facebook...Is real farming this easy?

August 27, 2009 3:34pm CST
I started playing farmtown and farmville about two weeks ago, then i find myself lately calcutating the time alloted for the seeds to grow that when they turn out ready for harvest ,im making sure I am not at work or rather im the crops won't end up withered.. I did not grow up on a farm or country set up ,and as now I'm just using my mouse clicking up to plow , plant and harvest , I wonder... Is real farming really this easy?
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@MistyWood (349)
27 Aug 09
In a word NO... farmers have a lot more to consider than simple timing... *Weather - is there enough rain, enough sun, enough warmth *Soil conditions - what will grow here? some plants prefer certain types of soil *Labour - they don't have friends to pop over and sort things out *Pests - insects and other pests eat crops! Just a few to be getting on with...
• Philippines
28 Aug 09
well i guess its just for fun after all!!!!
• Indonesia
28 Aug 09
lol. of course not.