first time mother of college student

United States
August 27, 2009 8:41pm CST
My first child left for college just this last week and I am having a hard time adjusting to him being gone. I have 2 sons, 18, 17, and 6 and was not prepared for having my first one leave and go off to college. Him and I are good friends and he could bring a smile to my face by just walking into the room. I am looking for suggestions on how other mothers have adapted and gotten used to not having their child around the house all the time. I am one of those moms that are very involved in their childrens life, going to sporting events every night watching them play, helping with homework and just hanging out. When one leaves it is like missing an arm. I know that he has to grow up and venture out on his own but that doesn't make it any easier here at home. Life does go on and you have to keep going for the rest of the kids but it does make me wonder what life will be like when they are all gone and out of the house. It really brings a new light to the saying "empty nest" Something I am not looking forward too but for now I am just trying to adapt to him being gone and off growing up without me.
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