Are women all like to have many shoes?

August 28, 2009 1:03am CST
Hi there, how many shoes do you have for every season? I have moren than 10, low heeled, high heeled, different color, style... My shoes cabinet are full with all kind of shoes, I love them even more than clothes. How about you? Are women all like to have many shoes?
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@his0yir (258)
29 Aug 09
I would like having more shoes if I could afford it. With hundred of shoes in her wardrobe, Kelly in TheSex and City is just classic. That's many women's dream. I once discussed this with a female and a male friends, why women want to have MORE shoes than they need. We came to a conclusion that shoes are not just functional, they serve as an embodyment of personal style, individual taste, and the affection to own a piece of practical art. Yes, at the end we all agreed that women collect shoes just like people collect paintings and antiques. Same rule applies to handbags. So I guess women are prone to be drawn to things of good design which they can not only possess but also display. On the other hand, I also know men who have more than 40 shoes on the shelf. Considering men's mind focuses more on the practical side of objects, I wonder if they share a slight desire as women do?
@sblossom (2170)
28 Aug 09
I think I had similar habit like you do. I also like to buy shoes. Sometimes I went out for clothes, but at last I came back with a pair of shoes without clothes. Compared to shop clothes I more enjoy shop shoes. It’s an entertainment in my life. I think the main reason is I feel easy to find shoes I like and also suit me. My size for shoes is 5. It’s a popular size for women. However now I changed a lot. I found I have too many shoes; it’s a kind of waste. I have to give some of high heels shoes to my relatives.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
28 Aug 09
I love shoes but i have only 4 pairs of shoes. Most of them came from my sister's old shoe. I told her not to throw it instead gave it to me. I cannot afford to buy a good and expensive one because my money is alotted only to our priority needs like foods and educaion. "What if... insteads of throwing away your shoes....Give it me!!"
• China
28 Aug 09
Yes,I have a lot of shoes.Outside of shoes on various occasions.Also equipped with a variety of colors of clothes shoes.The high-heeled.Low with the.There are slope-type with the.A variety of styles and colors.I am at home,wear soft shoes or cloth slippers.A woman is the need for good shoes and clothes.In order to make themselves more beautiful.
@Daisy8 (8)
• United States
28 Aug 09
I usually like to get colors that can match alot of things I wear. Things with either many colors, or just brown, grey, or black. I have 1-2 pairs of boots for the winter, a couple of pairs of sneakers for whenever, a couple pairs of flip-flops, and a few pairs of flats. I don't like to wear high-heeled shoes, considering I'm already pretty tall.