I am just curious ..

@wmraul (2557)
Bucharest, Romania
August 28, 2009 2:11am CST
Hi myloters. I am very curious about a task issue. So, some of tasks, actually the best paid ones :-) are about submiting some text - articles. For most of them, if not all, task starter specificaly request certain condition, some exclusivist for non-native english speakers. Is ok, I understand that. I agree with. The issue is what happen with submited but not accepted articles ? Someone wasted some time writing it. Acording to whatever country's law, he is the author AND have copyrights. Of course, until is paid for and bye bye .. but until then, he is the copyright owner. If there is no response for "ages" (accepted or rejected), where is the article and who can use it ? What warranties are that task starter won't reject but will still use ?
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