Could you tell us the worst experience you ever had when you travel?

@gary1125 (174)
August 28, 2009 2:29am CST
Hi, could you please share the experience? The big headache for me to travel is packing and also the hours in plane. The worst travelling experience for me is, I had to carry so many luggages by myself, when I traveled to 3 different places and landed in Australia. I had to, because there were so many daily using staff and especially the books. I know mine is not worse than yours, or isnt bad at all, I would like to hear from you about the worst travel you ever had! Thank you.
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@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
29 Aug 09
I have not travelled out of the country but I have some worst traveling locally. Except for plane delays which is really at its worst, I have experienced traveling in the middle of a storm and streets flooding. there were plenty of us traveling on a bus going up north in my country but we're stuck in the middle of the "road". There was no more road but floodwaters and people were pulling fishing nets. I thought we had drifted into a fishpond or the sea but a fishpen nearby broke and the fishes escaped into the flooded roads. It took several hours before we got to safety.
@ilyzium (1206)
• Canada
29 Aug 09
I guess my worst experience occurred last fall when we went to Europe. Well, because we were going in September, I was at a loss how to pack. I mean the weather can really fluctuate there and you need to be prepared. I packed everything from tall boots, trench coat, sweaters, to bikinis, sundresses, jeans, etc. I had 2 large over sized suitcases, plus my carry on which were all filled to capacity. Unfortunately, since we were flying back and forth to various airports in Europe, we hadn't bothered to research beforehand the baggage weight requirements. Let's just say we were severely overweight in baggage and spent a few thousand dollars in airport levy as a result. From then on I said I'll only travel light and stock up on necessary items while at my destination.
@maximax8 (28906)
• United Kingdom
28 Aug 09
I had booked a flight to Cancun in Mexico. I was so sad to hear a hurricane had hit the coast and that the airport was to stay closed at the time of my flight. The travel agent refunded my money and I desperately looked for another flight to a tropical destination. On travel agent said she had one seat left for Male in the Maldives so I booked it. Then I got a travel guide about the Maldives from my local library. I had to take three times the amount of money I had planned when I found out about accommodation prices there. I stayed on a little palm fringed island which was blissful and relaxing. Then I had some exploration and excitement in the capital city. I flew one and a half hours safe to an island with an old British airbase on it. Whilst there I cycled across to the other islands. I saw a lovely beach so pushed my bike to it. I was taking photos on the lonely beach when a man came and attacked me. I was so lucky to get away from him but had felt really scared for the rest of my trip.
@sblossom (2170)
28 Aug 09
Most of my travelling experience was fun, but I do have one that spoiled my travelling. I was going to an air show in zhu hai, a Chinese coastal city. Because of traffic control my plane was late 4 hours to take off in Beijing. But when we arrived to Zhu hai airport we were told we could not land due to traffic control to. So we had flied in the sky of the city another 2 hours. At last we landed I was exhausted. At the next day due to the bad weather the air show was cancelled. So I flew so far and I did not see the air show I looked forward to. It’s the worst experience I can remember for now.