Are YOu Ready For This?

@ip5217 (1656)
August 28, 2009 7:07am CST
What if today, as you enter your workplace, the guard instructed you to go to the conference room. You of course will ask why. Then, he would respond, "Everyone is in the conference room and the meeting will start in 2 minutes." So, you hurried down the hallway, intrigued by the guard's statement. As you enter the room, everyone is so silent, including the Director of your company. After all that suspense, the reason why you were asked to gather in that conference room is for everyone to know that today is your last day of work. The company is shutting down. The clients suddenly backed out from the contract because they too are in crisis. If you are this person, which I hope not, are you ready to take the bad news? Do you have enough savings that can sustain you and your family in the next few days or even months, just in time for you next possible job?
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@rainmark (4306)
28 Aug 09
Oh that's so bad, iwould feel devastated by then. Im sure ihave some money in the bank, but it isn't enough in the long run. And besides i don't like bad news. Happy posting.
@ip5217 (1656)
• Philippines
28 Aug 09
As for me, I can't afford to be out of job even for just one month. I don't have enough money. In fact, I am still paying my mortgage, if I miss a month, it will be hard to make-up for it.
@mjsdls (1840)
• United States
28 Aug 09
No I do not, that would be aweful. I do know this is happening to alot of people. I feel for them. Jobs are so hard to come by anymore.