Should Michael Vick be allowed to play in the NFL?

@KMPierce (165)
United States
August 28, 2009 8:43am CST
Yes, Michael served his time and made his apologies, but did he do this only so he can play again. I'm sorry but anyone that can treat animals the way he did has something wrong with them. I'm not sure he should be in the public eye and be a role model for our kids.
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• India
19 Nov 09
yes. every person deserves a second chance no matter how bad he is:D
• United States
3 Oct 09
Yes he should. He did something illegal in this country. For that illegal deed there was a consequence. He has since served his time and paid the consequences for his action. The embarrassment,shame and substantial loss of money he has had to endure, should already be enough. As someone noted, there have been people that did much worse and received less of a consequence. Dante Stallworth basically killed someone and got away with it. I also think that we shouldn't expect athlestes to always be role models, especially in the midst of the temtation they live within. If they choose to make a conscious decion towards being a good role model, well more power to them. There is so much stuff going on behind the scenes in the NFL that would make Mike Vicks crime look minute.