Does Your Teenage Child Have A Curfew?

@Cherryd41 (1121)
United States
August 28, 2009 1:10pm CST
My husband and I have always been the type of parents who enforces the curfew rule I used to tell my kids all the time I don't have to be the cool parent and let you do what someone elses parents allows them to do there are ground rules here in this house such as curfews. Especially on school nights. Around my neighborhood you can find kids in middle school wallking around the neighborhood at 11pm on a school night. And on weekends sometimes we could here them cussing and riding skateboards really late at night. Not sure how they get out I would imagine some parents work odd hours and can't keep an eye out or they may say their spending the night at a friends house ect... whatever they need to come up with I am sure they do. You kinda have to stay one step ahead of them now a days.
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2 Sep 09
Teenagers need to be controled. Not having a curfew, is a easy way out for any parent. Once parents stop knowing their child bountries, trouble is sure to follow. Ever person needs limits, even at work we all have some sort of limits. But on the other hand, don't try to limit the actions of other parents. All curfews will and should not be the same for all. Just because a child is upset, that their home time is different then a friends,this should not reflect your decision. Communication is key when dealing with teens. Explain your thoughts and be flexiable.
@gossipzz (500)
• Canada
31 Aug 09
There is alot going out there with crimes. Teenagers are dangers to themselfs after dark. I believe it is better for teenagers to have curfew. What reason would they have to be outside of the house after dark. During the week they should be concentrating on school. They are in school during the day and get alot of fresh air. Weekends they can have some fun. Fun is during the day. They might not like curfew now but when they get older they will thank you for it. They would also be better people for what you have done. Happy lotting.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
29 Aug 09
We don't have teenagers yet. Our oldest is only going on 7. But all of them will sure as heck have a curfew. In our town there is a curfew of 10pm, but currently no cop to enforce it anyway. We live in a pretty small town. I agree, I don't have to be the cool parent either. I hope to have it that their friends like coming here to hang out, but not because I let them get away with everything. My parents gave us a curfew and rules and while sometimes it was annoying, it was right down the middle and wasn't too strict. And I found as I was growing up that we got a lot more "family time" and activities that other kids didn't.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
28 Aug 09
not really because we mostly know where she is and she doesnt go out that much. if she does go out, she usually comes home when the event is finished (ie a movie) but i agree, you have to be careful with teens these days (i am sure our parents said the same thing!!!)