Lots of Money

United States
November 13, 2006 3:41pm CST
If you won the Lottery--like the $250 million lottery--what would you do?
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• United States
13 Nov 06
My husband and i have talked about this before. We would pay off my mothers and brothers houses and buy one for us and My husband and I would get a car a piece and then we would get a really nice van for the family. I would put about 50,000 in three collage funs one for each kid. and donate some to Saint Judes childrens hospital.
@emmiszoe (444)
• Sweden
13 Nov 06
I would pay of my study loans and set upp accounts for my brothers and sister for them to recieve money from instead of study-loans. Then I'd get my self an appartment or a house to live in and pay of my parents house-loans for them. And after that I would save some, travel some, and live of some in order to only do the work I really want to do (which is about 50% of my work at the moment).
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
13 Nov 06
buy a country, a troop
• United States
13 Nov 06
well first thing i would have to do is go to the emergency room to recover from having a heart attack lol..then i would gather my family around and get all our bills paid off first thing..then give each of them a million ..get a couple of my friends and do the same as above..then i would buy a home and car :) then go shopping!
@taby00 (827)
• Pakistan
13 Nov 06
Then i would like to go on World Tour.
@srhelmer (6930)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
13 Nov 06
I would pay off my debts and put the rest of the money in the bank, living off the interest. Since I know I would likely get bored, I might also buy out the company I work for and sit on the board of directors.