Do you think you missed out?

August 29, 2009 2:17pm CST
Do you think that maybe you have ever missed out on a brilliant money making opportunity because you thought/assumed it was a scam?I think this surprisingly often, I am quite cycnical and I think if something sounds too good to be tue, it probably is. Have you ever thought that maybe you have missed out?
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@Angelgirl16 (2177)
• United States
30 Aug 09
Hi, I think you are smart to not jump in, "feet first" if you will, on opportunity that you skeptical about. Even if later on you find out that the offer was legitimate and you passed it up, you had to go with your feelings and most of the time they are right. Most of the brillant money making opportunities don't usually turn out be the "one that got away." They really are scams and you are happy that you steered clear of them.
31 Aug 09
hi, that's true, your first instinct is usually the right one.
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
29 Aug 09
Yes,It happened for me once.The site was offering 5$ per referral(including inactive ones) and I thought it's far too much,but they were paying the best recruiters for a quite long time.When I finally decided to join this site, they changed the tos and they didn't accept new members at all.Later they closed the site, but I knew I missed an opportunity to earn quick cash.I forgot that in this business risk is inevitable.
31 Aug 09
that's true, it is.