Cambodia: One dead and six ill after eating poisonous frogs

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August 29, 2009 2:24pm CST
I posted this article on several citizen news site a while back, most people found the story a little heartbreaking. I was however surprised by one person who completely overlooked the point of the article and said that I was insulting the local diet of choice. The point of the article is that this happened as a result of extreme poverty in the area and many children are forced to fend for themselves, she completely overlooked the part about the family had to make a coffin from an old table and a local charity paid for the funeral because they could not. i don't know, it seems a litle crazy to me when someone can bypass the death of a child and the circumstances that led up to it and complain about the fact that I mention frogs as food. By the way, I love frog legs. The poisoning came as a result of the children catching and preparing the frogs without experience or supervision. Oh well just blowing off steam here
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• United States
29 Aug 09
That is so sad. Especially that someone would misconstrue what you said. Many factors could have contributed, cooking environment, type of frog, an allergy. It's very sad.