fiancee visa

August 29, 2009 9:02pm CST
it was 2004 that my fiancee visa was got canceled by my ex because I had a problem with regards to my mental and emotional health.It happened that he presented the certificate to the US Embassy to cancel it.. Now, I'm so worried with regards to my status there whether I am banned or not...I am engaged now to a Filipino who is now in California waiting for his US citizenship next year then he's going to petition me a fiancee visa. How will I know my status in the embassy? That's really make me worried. Our relationship stays now for one year and 3 months.I love my bf so much, in fact during his one month vacation here in Cebu, Philippines, we have made a fruit to our love, I am 8 weeks pregnant now.I don't want to lose him in my life.I love him so much. Hoping and praying that everything will be fine with the process of my papers soon... Anyone can give me an advise, suggestions?Pls. i do need your help.As early as possible I need to know what I'll gonna do.. Thank you so much.... -Vivian
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